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Piano Tiles 2 – Unity Game Android Template Free Download

Piano Tiles 2 - Unity Game TemplateAndroid Template Free Download

Piano Tiles 2 – Unity Game is the most used android template written by Mio Developer. This application will help you make your work done efficiently. If you are serious and want to grow your business, this product will help you a lot. It is fast, secured, and it is regularly updated.

Piano Tiles 2 – Unity Game Android Template Information

Piano Tiles 2 – Unity Game Android template is easy to install and use, has a mobile responsive UI. Let’s hope the features offered by this template will fulfill your needs.  This android template has a simple, user-friendly interface, and it’s super easy to modify them with multiple features that are included.

  • Last Update: 25 May 2018
  • Operating Systems: Unity 5.0, iOS 10.0, Android 7.0, Unity 5.5, Unity 5.5, Android 8.0, iOS 11.0, iOS 9.0, Android 5.0, Android 6.0
  • Files Included: .cs, .csproj, .unityproj

App Requirements:

  • – Musical game on Android usually suffered from high Audio latency, this project has solved that

  • This project is extracted from a working game project with many
    features, hence there is some leftover code to help you kick start those
    feature easier
  • – This is a sophisticated project, it’s a work of
    more than 500 man-hours and deal with lots of problems on many platform
    (such as lag, drop FPS, audio sync…), so the closer you get to the
    core, the harder it will get to understand
  • – As it is, the project is ready to publish, you could just change the ads ID and ready to go.
  • – The project make use of NGUI atlas, so to reskin is to change this atlas alone, you should have knowledge about this one.
  • – I lived in GMT +8 timezone so expect support in the 9-5 time frame

Piano Tiles 2 – Unity Game Template Features

Piano Tiles 2 – Unity Game template has a user-friendly design, intuitive control panel, and a pack of must-have extensions for better App customization. Here are some important features of this template that you should know:

  • – Complete game flow from splash screen to game over, with popups for additional utilities
  • – 69 ready to play levels
  • – Comprehension document to make new levels yourself
  • – High performance code base, 60 fps on device from iphone 5s and above.
  • – Menu transition effect, smooth overall UX
  • – Low audio latency on Android devices
  • – Stable and battle tested core gameplay

Live Demo Of Piano Tiles 2 – Unity Game Android Template

If you are interested in the Piano Tiles 2 – Unity Game android template, you can check the demo before you use this product. A complete, live demo of this application template is available here for you; have a look:

Demo Link

Download Piano Tiles 2 – Unity Game Android Template For Free

If we made you curious about this product, then give it a try and improve your business. The downloading process is so easy; you need a few seconds. Click the download link below, input this template into your CMS, start using it.

Download Now

Piano Tiles 2 – Unity Game would be an excellent android template for your application; you can start using it without further delay. Do you have any questions? Let us know by writing a comment below.

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