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Online Student Admission System PHP Script Free Download

Online Student Admission System

Get Online Student Admission System PHP script by Shahrukh Khan free from here. For a growing business or a company, this CMS tool will help rocket boost growth. Get this fast, secured, and premium CMS free here. The latest updated version of the Online Student Admission System PHP script is available on this site.

Online Student Admission System PHP Script Information

Online Student Admission System PHP script provides an innovative solution for your needs. We are supplying Online Student Admission System premium PHP scripts for free. This PHP script is simple, easy to use, and has a user-friendly interface to modify them with multiple features included with this script easily.

  • Current Version:  
  • Last Update: 3 September 2018
  • Files Included: .php, .html, .sql, .xml, Javascript .js
  • Software Version: PHP 7.0, PHP 5.x, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.6

Server Requirements

  • Operating System – Windows/Linux/Unix / MacOS
  • Programming Langauge – PHP 5.4.0 (Minimum)
  • Database Server – Mysql 5.0 (Minimum)
  • Web Server – Apache 2.4.7 (Minimum)

Live Demo Of Online Student Admission System PHP Script

Make an absolute fortune with your very own simple online business in the hugely competitive market and make your business easily accessible by using the Online Student Admission System PHP script.  You can log in as an admin and check the dashboard how easy it is to maintain the Online Student Admission System PHP script. A full, live demo of this CMS script is available here for you; have a look:

Demo Link

Online Student Admission System PHP Script Features

Online Student Admission System PHP script has responsive design layouts with clean source codes that make it SEO-friendly. There are lots of premium features that offer this PHP script you will like most. List of features that provide Online Student Admission System PHP script in the below:

  • Excellent normalized database – Table has been mapped with primary and foreign key concepts, it has used
  • indexing (on selected columns) as well for faster searching if the database grows to some million records
  • Usage of InnoDB to support transactions – InnoDB follows ACID model which helps making the data
  • reliable. It has features like commit, rollback, row level locking etc. More about INNODB here.
  • Usage of PHP PDO Classes – PDO is a data abstraction layer that offers unified interface to access different
  • database. which means if one fine day you want to migrate from MySQL to Oracle or any other RDBMS,
  • you don’t have to change your php database code. More about PDO here.
  • Made With Bootstrap – Made with bootstrap and the template is mobile responsive. It adjusts to any
  • device be it large screens, laptops, tablets or mobile.. Bootstrap site
  • FontAwesome – Beautiful Icons that are used all over the project. Fontawesome Site.
  • Bootbox– A beautiful bootstrap plugin that overrides basic alert, confirm, etc events. Bootbox site
  • Client Side Validation with JQuery – All the forms has been properly validated using jQuery validation plugin.
  • Server Side Validation – Good programmer don’t take chances. A basic php validation has also been done for all the form in case user has manage to defeat the client side validation by turning off JavaScript.
    There will be only one Superadmin who will be accessing the admin area and managing all the task.
  • Superadmin has a forgot password feature as well. If he provides the proper admin ID, a new password will be generated and he will be logged in to the system.
  • Superadmin can add/edit/delete the courses.
  • Superadmin can add/edit/delete the subject combination based on courses.
    Superadmin can view and print student application.
  • Superadmin can delete the application. [NEW]
  • Student can apply for any course by submitting the form online.
  • Student can print the form after submission.
  • Student can attach profile photo and signature as well. [NEW]

Download Online Student Admission System PHP Script For Free

As we are providing Online Student Admission System premium PHP script for free, you don’t have to pay us for that. Download the script file and use it wherever you want to use it. The downloading process is so easy; you need a few seconds. Click the download link below, input this script to your CMS, start using it.

Download Now

Online Student Admission System would be an excellent PHP script for your CMS; you can start using it without further delay. After installing it and completing all settings, you are ready to use all the premium features it offers.

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